ShanDong HuaChen High Pressure Vessel Group Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of seamless steel cylinders. Our company is in accordance with the relevant state laws and regulations and standard requirements. The establishment of seamless cylinder production quality assurance system is matching with B1 pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, HC type oxygen machine manufacturing qualification, and obtained the ISO90001-2008 quality system certification, the German TUV certification, the European Union CE, VB certification, and many other domestic and international qualification certification.  

Our company mainly produces oxygen cylinders, nitrogen cylinders, cylinders of carbon dioxide, argon cylinders, industrial gas cylinders, medical oxygen machine and other productions. All cylinders are mainly used in medical equipment, engineering machinery, coal mine rescue, industrial gases, welding equipment, electronic mechanical and electrical, chemical industry and other fields, and we sell the cylinders well all over the provinces, cities, autonomous regions and we export cylinders to Europe, America, Middle East, west Asia, southeast Asia and other countries.   

Our company group has four wholly owned subsidiaries, which are responsible for the business development, better service for our customers.

Industrial plate
  • HuaChen High Pressure Vessel Group Co., LTD

  • LuHuaChen Medical Instrument Co., LTD.

  • HuaChen Fire Equipment Co., LTD

  • HuaChen Import and Export Trading Co., LTD.

  • Product

    Summer has left the company due to personal reasons. Now he has transferred all the business to the employee Kevin Lee
  • Knowledge of seamless cylinders

    he oxygen cylinder is the storage and transport pressure vessel, and there are some special requirements for the structure and application of the compressed container. Therefore, in addition to the pressure vessel related specifications, there are also special specifications.
  • Great news:

    Warmly celebrate ShanDong HuaChen High Pressure Vessel Group Co., LTD founded on October 20, 2016. The group locates in Jinan city, ShanDong province. It is in a high pressure seamless gas cylinder steel industry, set production, technology research and development, technical advice, product design, sales and service in a large-scale comprehensive group enterprise.
  • Periodic inspection cycles for various cylinders

    Cylinder testing equipment is mainly about a variety of cylinder inspection, divided into two parts, one is the purpose of periodic inspection,